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The built-in bookshelves in my parents’ family room are one of those things that I see all the time, but don’t really think about — even when I’m staring right at them. But while I was home over Christmas, I happened to take a closer look. While other elements of the room have gradually gone from traditional toward (a bit) more modern, the shelves have not. The focal point of the wall was old legal books leftover from my dad’s law library — and they were as traditional as you would expect from 30-year-old law books. I immediately decided the shelves needed a fresher, brighter and more modern look.

That day, I cleared out some of the clutter (i.e., all of the law books) and “shopped” around their house for anything I could use. They still have a ton of children’s books, so a few collections were upgraded from a bookshelf upstairs to the family room. Many photos were moved to other parts of the house so a few others would stand out. After an hour or two, I was much more pleased with half of the wall, but didn’t have anything leftover for the second half. I decided to get some inspiration — and then try to convince my mom to buy a few things.

Here are a few shelves that I’ve liked for a while:

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Here are some close-ups (note the four main elements: books, vases, objects and prints):

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Up tomorrow: some ideas to help you get the look!

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