Packing A Punch

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It’s no secret: I’m a sucker for anything pink.  Workout gear, purses, pillows — if it is the right shade of neon pink, I want it.  (I’m still 19 years old at heart.)  So, although the photos above made the blog rounds a few years ago, they’ve stuck with me.  I mean, if Jenna Lyons has a faded watermelon desk, I want one.  Needless to say, I’ve been eyeing Bludot’s line of perfectly pink furniture for a few years, but really only considered the coffee table…which I don’t need because I have a perfectly good one (shown below).

But…although I don’t need a coffee table, lately I’ve been feeling like my lack of end tables is glaring. To me, the huge empty spaces on either side of the couch (which was purchased for my last apartment – a studio) makes the room feel unfinished.  The problem is that I want symmetry: two end tables and two lamps.  It can really add up.

So, if I want end tables anytime soon, I will need to get creative. I have ideas on how to DIY the three end tables below (and hopefully where to find much cheaper versions of the lamps depicted); numbers 7-12 are what I already own.

End Tables

Lamps: 1. Pink // 2. White // 3. Turquoise

End Tables: 4. Hairpin Legs // 5. Watermelon (or here) // 6. Gold (listed as a nightstand — I think it works just as well as an end table!)

Current Staples: 7. North Avenue Beach Print (and here) // 8. Couch (mine is the “apartment” size, which worked well in a studio, but now looks tiny) // 9. Coffee Table // Credenza (not shown)

Current Pillows: 10. Palm Print // 11. Polka Dots // 12. Too Much of a Good Thing (from Furbish, but appears to be sold out)

What do you think?  Should I give watermelon a try?

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  1. Stef says:

    Love it! Definitely go for it!

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