Building A Modern Bar Cart

One of the most challenging parts about starting this little hobby when I did is that I’m spending all day shopping online to find things I love — in direct conflict with my current spending freeze!

So, to avoid being tempted to buy a bunch of new stuff, I’ve been focusing on rearranging what I have to give my apartment a fresh look. And, as I mentioned yesterday, my bar cart is the perfect place to start because a few small items will go a long way toward making it look brighter and more modern.

When I’m styling a bar cart, in addition to liquor and the standard mixers, there are a few things I consider staples: a tray, straws and napkins to add pops of color; wine glasses of varying shapes; and a champagne/ice bucket or decanter to add height.

Here are my modern spring bar cart must-haves:

Modern Spring Bar Cart | Sweet Home ChicagoCocktail Napkins (OBSESSED! My only dilemma is whether to do these or a monogram!) // Matches // Target Bar Cart // Trays (If anyone is interested in one of these, I’d love to split the set with you!) // Champagne Bucket // West Elm Bar Cart // Candle // Straws (I bought these recently at Greer and LOVE them) // Wine Carafe // Wine Glasses

What are your bar cart necessities?

4 Responses to Building A Modern Bar Cart

  1. Meg, this is a beautiful roundup. Thank you for including us and for shopping in our store! ~ Chandra

  2. One of my favorite bar cart splurges is a really high-quality small silk flower arrangement, like a few bright peonies or tulips. You can always swap it out for real flowers when you’re having guests over OR are in the flower-buying mood, but it’s a pretty placeholder until then. If you get really nice ones, your guests might not even know the difference!

  3. giedre says:

    I wish our apartment had enough room for a cute bar cart! (it’s a super tiny space, haha) ONE DAY. 🙂

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