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Packing A Punch

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Image via Apartment Therapy

It’s no secret: I’m a sucker for anything pink.  Workout gear, purses, pillows — if it is the right shade of neon pink, I want it.  (I’m still 19 years old at heart.)  So, although the photos above made the blog rounds a few years ago, they’ve stuck with me.  I mean, if Jenna Lyons has a faded watermelon desk, I want one.  Needless to say, I’ve been eyeing Bludot’s line of perfectly pink furniture for a few years, but really only considered the coffee table…which I don’t need because I have a perfectly good one (shown below).


A Budget-Friendly Nursery

Tonight, my sister, sister-in-law and I are hosting a baby shower for my sister Mary Kate, who is due in April. Mary Kate and her husband live in a one-bedroom apartment and will be transforming a corner of their dining room into a nursery. Since I’ve already given her a few things left over from my office (this, this and this), I thought I’d incorporate these items into a nursery e-design to help her transform their small space into a calming nook for their new addition — without putting too much of a dent in their bank account!

Baby O'Brien Nursery

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